Jean-Marc Dallaire

Executive | Senior-Level Manager | Transforming Business Performance through Intelligent Strategy and Nimble Execution

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Ability to Produce Results
Over my career, I have produced more than a billion dollars in revenue for corporations, which stems largely from my ability to effectively assess markets and deliver the right mix of strategies and solutions to promote growth.

Broad Knowledge and Skills Set
In addition to experience, I offer a diversified skill set that will benefit your organization. Aside from specializing in credit and lending solutions, I am highly-skilled in M&A, partnership development, marketing, and business analysis. I am also an expert in product development and go-to-market strategy. Over the years, I have used these skills to launch several successful credit products and payment solutions that have produced double-digit profit growth for corporations. My impact to your business will allow you to increase both knowledge capital and performance in key areas of your organization.

Principled Leadership
In addition to my repertoire of skills, I am a confident and principled leader that is passionate about business. I believe that great organizations are fostered in a culture where there is integrity and transparency. Throughout my career, I have led according to these principles, which has allowed me to create environments where excellence, innovation, and synergy have thrived. I intend to utilize this philosophy to help lead your organization to its next phase of success.


  • Cards;
  • Lending;
  • Payment Ecosystems;
  • Banking Solutions;
  • Regulatory Environments.

Catalyze my experience in retail banking business for institutions and companies to:

  • Perform feasibility analysis to launch new lines of business or products;
  • Developed new lines of business and lending products;
  • Select or build new card & payment management platform;
  • Understand and navigate through the various regulatory environments impacting the lending and payments industries.

Marketing & Loyalty

  • Branding (Corporate & Product);
  • Product Development & Management;
  • Loyalty;
  • Retail.

Well versed in assisting building brand identity and expanding profitability to propel company growth via:

  • Revamped branding strategy;
  • Identity and develop customer engagement plan;
  • Deployment of disruptive payment ecosystem that invigorated sales and profitability in market;
  • Driving Innovation for the enterprise to offer differentiation and to capture new existing opportunities.

Leadership & Project Management

  • Strategy Development
  • Project & Team Management
  • Products & Portfolio Management
  • Territory Development
  • Market Turnaround
  • Budgeting & P&L Management
  • New Business and Partnerships Development
  • Process Optimization / Problem Solving

Experienced in designing, leading and implementing strategic business plans, locally, regionally and globally across multiple business verticals and management channels by:

  • Rigorous Project Management Principles;
  • Cross-Functional Leadership;
  • Feasibility Analysis;
  • Strict financial oversight;
  • Partnership negotiation and development;
  • Innovative reengineering of internal process.

About Jean-Marc Dallaire

I am an executive-level management professional with over 30 years of experience in the retail, financial services, and payment solutions industries. Over my career, I have been successful at helping companies to optimize growth and profitability by implementing innovative strategies that reshape how they deliver products and services to core markets. From introducing new marketing & branding campaigns to guiding product development & roll-out, I am adept at finding new ways to engage and excite the marketplace, which has allowed me to generate over $1Billion in revenue for organizations. I am also a confident leader able to drive vision and purpose, manage complexity, and provide strategic execution during an organization’s most critical moments. These abilities coupled with my passion for business and relentless pursuit of perfection make me an asset to any company seeking dynamic growth.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership & Project Management
  • Credit, Lending, & Banking Solutions
  • Loyalty & Payment Ecosystems
  • Portfolio Development & Management
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Budgeting & P&L Management
  • Process Optimization
  • New Business Development & Partnerships

Key Achievements:

  • Architect behind the creation of Sears Canada Bank; revitalized profitability in Canadian market.
  • Launched Sears MasterCard portfolio and Club Partners Program creating 6 Million active members.
  • Built lending & payments business for Thanachart Bank establishing a portfolio of 2M payment cards.
  • Respected business leader featured in a variety of reputable industry publications across Thailand and Southeast Asia.

As illustrated above, I have proven ability to engineer and transform business operations for organizations. My goal is to continue utilizing my talents to help companies advance their market position.

For professional inquiries, I can be contacted via the following:

  • JMD Consulting
  • Jean-Marc Dallaire
  • Canada & US: +1 (514) 918-9595
  • Thailand: +66 (93) 915-4195